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TV Lift Console Product Series And Characteristics

Apr 28, 2019

TV Lift Console product series and characteristics

Lifting console is one of the most representative equipments of control center. It is a kind of shell equipment specially designed for monitoring indoor placement equipment and clearing lines. Professional console design can not only enhance the overall visual effect of your control center, but also provide a good working environment for the staff of the control center. It can protect equipment while hiding all the intricate cables, laying more beautiful. At the same time, it conforms to the design of ergonomics. It considers the height of the table, the display distance and the inclination angle, the operation and debugging of the equipment and the protection of the personnel from various angles and levels, so that the operators can get the health protection of 7*24, which plays a vital role in the daily operation.


TV Lift Console Product series and features:

Flexible modular structure

Installation of user-friendly equipment

Modernized Shape

Flexible composite structure