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The Electrical Energy Into Kinetic Energy Equipment Can Be Used

Electric actuator is generally a strange word for many people, in fact, electric actuator is a very simple term, that is, the power directly into kinetic energy, and then the power of the role of the use of kinetic energy to make the machine work together. Because the electrical energy can not be directly used to control a lot of equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, such as our electric fans and so on. Only through the electric actuator and then the electrical energy to the movable device above, and then the vacuum cleaner will have suction, and the fan will rotate. These are the features of electric actuators. Electric actuator almost every small appliance will be reflected above, because not only kinetic energy, as well as heat or other energy, as long as the device can be rotated, the operation of the energy can be transformed through it. So that a wider range of use of electricity. Therefore, in some large factories, especially in the operation of many equipment factory, these electric actuators are almost everywhere. Those robots, because of the existence of electric actuators, can slowly replace human beings to do some difficult moves or use them on special occasions so that humans are slowly away from the bottom of some industries and are also a kind of social progress The embodiment.