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Summary Of Precautions For Operating Electric Actuators

Electric actuator in operation must pay attention to some details, otherwise it will affect the final result, or even improper operation will cause damage to the components. Specific considerations include the following aspects: First of all, before turning on the power, the appearance of the actuator to conduct a detailed examination to see if the shell insulation performance is in place, must be set according to the specific circumstances Insulation performance, after careful examination to determine the eligibility can be connected to the power. Secondly, after turning on the power, it is necessary to check whether the key parts are overheated. For example, electric actuators such as motors and transformers can not be overheated. At the same time also pay attention to observe the rotation when there is no abnormal sound issued, once the noise will immediately disconnect the power to thoroughly identify the cause, the corresponding treatment, to confirm normal to be able to work again, if not Find out the cause of the abnormal, then it can not be welded to the components. In addition, in the replacement of parts and components, be careful not to over temperature, because once the temperature is too high, it can easily lead to component damage. In the removal of electronic components, pay attention to mark, to prevent confusion between components.