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Electric Actuator Movement And Production Of The Relationship

The complex operations and equipment in the factory require a lot of movement. When the mode of production changes, the movement also needs to be changed rapidly. However, the factory needs a quick change of movement. In the past, the change of movement mode was replaced by a manual machine, but now, by changing different motors The state of work to change the movement. Electric actuator is the motor control valve, and electric actuators are also multi-function switch, with the electric actuator, the adjustment of the motor state will be very simple. When the electric actuator is working, it is more likely to be piled up by dust. When the electric actuator is covered, the internal controllability will be reduced, and then the sensitivity of changing the working state of the motor is very low. Then the production Quality will decline. To improve the electric actuator need from the appearance of the appearance of the electric actuator is not only easy to corrode the electric actuator dust, and the appearance of the electric actuator is easy to miss the dust inside the electric actuator, the electric actuator is often clean the most basic factory jobs. Electric actuators such as gear and screw inside the same need to clean, when the gear and screw a lot of dust, the gear and screw movement friction will be great, larger friction will only make the electric actuator work state down.