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Electric Actuator Factory How To Debug?

Electric Actuator Factory How To Debug?

Nov 21, 2017

The first step has not yet electrified, manual electric actuator transferred to the middle position, the operation mode to local operation. After finishing the two we choose to power on, and then observe the direction of the actuator and valve action is not the same direction, if not consistent, I want the power line commutation.

Then we have to adjust the limit bit, the valve moves to the fully-closed position, and then hit the multimeter buzzer gear, and then check the open limit is not closed point, and only become closed Is the right, if you have not become closed point will have to adjust the limit, until adjusted to the correct location.

Turn off the whole position debugging, we have to debug the fully open position, but also to look at the open limit signal is not correct, otherwise go to adjust the open limit. After both are debugged, the motor valve back and forth several times, see the signal is normal on it.