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Adjustable Workstation Benefits.

Adjustable Workstation Benefits.

Jun 11, 2018

Adjustable workstation benefits for IT and equipment personnel:

IT-friendly deployment - Leave a few fully equipped workstations for temporary staff that can be easily stored and moved to the place of need for unassigned employees (hotel-style or shared desks) or telecommuters

The existing office environment can be changed by simply removing part of the work interface and introducing sitting and standing adjustments.

The wire path is secured and tidy by the retractable wire management storage area.

Flexible open architecture design has ample room for future updates of computer equipment

It can quickly transform existing configurations or re-adjust the changing workforce and reduce equipment expenses.

Easy to install

Made of phenolic, high-grade plastic and powder-coated steel, durable and easy to clean

A standard six-socket power strip, two panels, and associated cables can be stored in the cable management box

Adjustable workstations for computer users:

Adjust to sit or sit on your workstation according to your needs - During work, alternating between standing and sitting can make you more energetic and work more efficiently. You can change your working posture as you wish. This way of working makes you healthy and comfortable all day long. .

Apply a truly ergonomic workstation that effectively reduces muscle soreness in the back and neck by increasing body movement during daily work and promotes user health and comfort in using the computer.

Easily and synchronously adjust the proper height of keyboards and notebooks and monitors for optimal comfort

Removable configuration gives the workspace more flexibility and easily moves it to the meeting room you want to reach.

Choosing to stand on the job will burn more calories while working standing will consume more calories; regular standing also improves bone density and improves night's sleep quality.

Telescopic lifting engine does not block sight when adjusting height