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Small Linear Actuator

Small Linear Actuator


Product introduction:

This Small Linear Actuator is an excellent alternative to clumsy gears, motors, servos and linkages. It is highly flexible and configurable and compact linear motion equipment. It comes with an optional complex onboard microcontroller. It has an axial design with a powerful drive train and rectangular cross section for increased rigidity.

Product features:

This Small Linear Actuator has the same features for perfect speed control, sensitivity control, position control and adjustable end limits. This product is specially designed to have a small overall size and high power. Its straight, smooth lines and anodized finish give it a modern and elegant appeal. Actuators offer a variety of configuration and control options to meet different needs. They are small, lightweight, quiet and very durable. These Small Linear Actuators can be used in vehicles, yachts, motor homes, airplanes, robots, radio controlled vehicles, and medical applications.


*24V DC permanent magnet motor

*Thrust up to 6000N

*Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions

*Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

*Standard protection class: IP20

*Noise level 48db: actuator not loaded

*Duty cycle: Max10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed 18 minutes not in use

*Ambient temperature:-5℃ to +40℃


*Standard stroke:200-400 mm, can design as customer's requirement

*Free load speed:7-50mm/s

*Rated load speed: 5-40mm/s

Product show:

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