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Mini DC Actuator

Mini DC Actuator


Product characteristics:

1. Mini DC Actuator has ultra-low noise, strong thrust, convenient installation and vertical design. It can stay anywhere. It is widely used in homes, massage chairs, smart beds and other fields. This actuator should be attached to the linear guide mechanism according to the installation instructions. If Mini DC Actuator is not fixed on any mechanism, it may be idling. Do not cause mechanical interference during operation to avoid malfunction of the motor or mechanical structure.

2. Please do not run to the stroke limit without limit switch, controller and overload protection. In addition, do not apply load to the actuator within the specifications. Mini DC Actuator has protection measures such as over-current and super-current, so it can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. It features a special in-line design that provides more enclosed space for the shaft and motor, as well as a smaller installation space.


*24V DC permanent magnet motor

*Thrust up to 6000N

*Great design with small installation dimensions

*Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

*Standard protection class: IP20

*Noise level 48db: actuator not loaded

*Duty cycle: Max10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed 18 minutes not in use

*Ambient temperature:-5℃ to +40℃


*Standard stroke:200-400 mm, can design as customer's requirement

*Free load speed:7-50mm/s

*Rated load speed: 5-40mm/s

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