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Linear Actuator Electric

Linear Actuator Electric


Product introduction:

This Linear Actuator Electric can be designed with different thrusts depending on the application load. In general, its thrust can reach 6000N. The free load speed is 7-50mm / s. The rated load speed is 5-40mm / s. It uses a 24V / 12V DC permanent magnet motor as the power source. The rotation of the motor is converted into a linear reciprocating motion. It can replace the pneumatic actuators and auxiliary equipment in the air supply to reduce the weight of the actuator equipment.

Product features:

1. This Linear Actuator Electric is a linear unit made of advanced materials. It is primarily designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The linear unit provides ball screws of different sizes and stroke lengths to suit a variety of applications. It works with the motor, so it is a quality electromechanical device.

2. This Linear Actuator Electric is equipped with a planetary gear box that is consistent with the pipe body. This design makes this actuator suitable for applications where installation space is limited and limited. Its high IP rating protects the actuator from water and dust, so they can be used in very harsh environments.


*24V DC permanent magnet motor

*Thrust up to 6000N

*Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions

*Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

*Standard protection class: IP20

*Noise level 48db: actuator not loaded

*Duty cycle: Max 10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed 18 minutes not in use

*Ambient temperature:-5℃C to +40℃


*Standard stroke:200-400 mm, can design as customer's requirement

*Free load speed:7-50mm/s

*Rated load speed: 5-40mm/s

Product show:

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