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DC Actuators

DC Actuators


DC Actuators

Application equipment:

● Off-road vehicles (agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, road operations, railway equipment)

● turf and gardening (mowers, golf carts, tractors, washing machines, high-altitude lifts, other multi-purpose vehicles)

● Industrial equipment (conveyor, loading / unloading equipment, adjustable work table / table, door lock on / off)

● health, fitness, medical equipment (mental retardation, wheelchair, lift / bed, sports, fitness and medical equipment)

● office and household equipment (automatic / garage doors, lifting equipment, doors, satellite antennas)

● Marine vessels, ships, ships, oil drilling platforms (seats, hatch covers, fire doors, rescue equipment, throttle, throttle)

● aircraft landing gear, wing / aileron control, swept wing swing, push and pull commutator.

● Ventilation equipment air volume control, processing equipment


*24V DC permanent magnet motor

*Thrust up to 6000N

*Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions

*Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

*Standard protection class: IP20

*Noise level 48db: actuator not loaded

*Duty cycle: Max 10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed 18 minutes not in use

*Ambient temperature:-5℃ to +40℃


*Standard stroke:200-400 mm, can design as customer's requirement

*Free load speed:7-50mm/s

*Rated load speed: 5-40mm/s





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