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DC Actuator Relay

DC Actuator Relay


DC Actuator Relay is a reciprocating electric drive that can be used in a variety of complex or simple process flows as an electric actuator for remote centralized control or automatic control. It is suitable for home electric putter products such as electric sofa, intelligent deck chairs, electric bed, etc.. It features long durability, high reliability, self-locking function, smooth speed, no maintenance and low noise.

Technical Parameters:

1. Permanent magnet DC motor drive, Voltage: 12,24 VDC

2. Maximum push / pull: 600KG / 600KG

3. Standard travel length: S = (50,100,150,600) mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Minimum installation size (the distance between the two holes before and after the putter is fully retracted): L = S (stroke) + 175mm;

The distance between the front and rear holes before and after the putter is fully stretched out = 2XS (stroke) + 175mm

5. Maximum No load speed:  40mm / s

6. Rated load rate: 5mm / s (600KG) -40mm / s (30KG)

7. Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ to + 50 ℃

8. Standard protection class: IP44

9. Built-in travel switch

10. Low noise design, noise level below 48dB

11. Can be equipped with a cable or remote control

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