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12 Volt DC Actuator

12 Volt DC Actuator


Product features:

1. This 12 Volt DC Actuator is made of aluminum alloy, so it is compact and lightweight. DC motor gear reduction. The product has a built-in limit switch that automatically stops the stroke. Its itinerary is customizable and easy to install and operate.

2. This 12 Volt DC Actuator can replace traditional mechanical push-pull products such as hydraulic and pneumatic. It is widely used in elevators, ships, luxury car seat backs, massage chairs, massage beds, fire equipment, medical equipment furniture and other products.

3. This 12 Volt DC Actuator is made of corrosion resistant materials. Its exterior is made of corrosion-resistant material, seals and central rubber surround to ensure the actuator is splash-proof and suitable for most outdoor use. Its front and rear mounting points are made of sturdy metal.


*24V DC permanent magnet motor

*Thrust up to 6000N

*Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions

*Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

*Standard protection class: IP20

*Noise level 48db: actuator not loaded

*Duty cycle: Max10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed 18 minutes not in use

*Ambient temperature:-5℃ to +40℃


*Standard stroke:200-400 mm, can design as customer's requirement

*Free load speed:7-50mm/s

*Rated load speed: 5-40mm/s

Product show:

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