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Dear friends, welcome to buy OK628 putter series,

The series is made of aluminum alloy and the stroke can be customized.

Because there are many kinds of itineraries, they are usually issued in 7-10 times according to the parameters required by the customer.

Pusher load speed per second: 5mm-40mm

The faster the speed, the smaller the thrust


Minimum installation size (the distance between the front and back holes when the push rod is fully retracted): L = S (stroke) + 175mm;

The push rod is completely twisted to the distance between the front and back holes = 2XS (stroke) + 175mm


Special note: Although this electric putter is cost-effective, it is slightly larger in size, and you can refer to the detailed size chart above. If you need a small size and require installation space, please take care!


Model: OK628



• 24VDC permanent magnet motor

• Thrust up to 6000 N in push.and up to 4000 N in pull.

• Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions

• Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

•Aluminium inner tube Ø24mm

• Steel back fixture

• Standard protection class, IP44

• Noise level 48 dB (A), actuator not loaded.

• Duty cycle, Max 10% or 2 minutes continuous use followed by 18

minutes not in use.


Standard stroke, 25-800 mm, can design as customer’s requirement.

Free load speed, 6.5mm-45mm/s

Rated load speed, 4.5mm-40mm/s


Complete sets Introduction

1.There are linear actuator OK628, switch power OK3013, handset MPT02, adapter OK3011.

2.The handset MPT02 could control one linear actuator.

3.The stroke of the OK628 can design as customer’s requirement.

4.There have a adapter OK3011, could contact with handset and linear actuator and switch power.

5.This complete set could be used in the leisure chair, function chair, function sofa, medical bed, automatic doors, automatic windows, smoke windows, other drive systems.

6.It could be changed for any parts by customers need.


technical parameter:

1. Permanent magnet DC motor drive; voltage: 12, 24VDC

2. Maximum pushing / pulling force: 600KG / 600KG

3. Standard stroke: S = (50, 100, 150, 600) mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. The minimum installation size (the distance between the two holes before and after the push rod is fully retracted): L = S (stroke) + 175mm;

The push rod is completely twisted to the distance between the front and back holes = 2XS (stroke) + 175mm

5. No-load speed: maximum 40mm / s

6. Rated speed: 5mm / s (600KG) -40mm / s (30KG)

7. Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ to + 50 ℃

8. Standard protection level: IP44

9. Built-in travel switch

10. Low noise design, the noise level is lower than 48dB

11. Can be equipped with cable or remote control



The longer the itinerary, the higher the price, the longer the itinerary, and the heavier the weight. The corresponding freight is also different. Directly photographing the payment needs to make up the difference, thank you for your cooperation!

The above are some of our locations, which are taken by Yiyou in person. You can see the size, length and length, various models and specifications of the putter ~~


This series of DC electric push rods are widely used in electric nursing beds, surgical beds, traction beds, massage chairs, dental chairs, electric wheelchairs, electric sofas, electric booths, electric sunroofs, ergonomic furniture and other occasions that require linear motion actuators. It is very convenient and is widely used in many fields such as medical treatment, fire protection, home furnishing, electromechanical, chemical, sanitary ware, and leisure.

 Application field

As long as the parents tell us the required parameters, such as travel, installation size, speed, thrust, voltage, etc., we can immediately replace the stock situation ~~ If there is something that meets the requirements of the friends, we can arrange delivery immediately! If it is too special, it needs to be customized, it will take time, please understand it!



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