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What are the working conditions of the LCD monitor?

What are the working conditions of the LCD monitor?

Sep 25, 2018

For the normal operation of the LCD monitor, it is necessary to have three conditions of power supply, reset circuit and oscillation circuit. Let's talk about the details of the three conditions.

1, power supply

The power supply of the LCD screen lifter is supplied from the power supply. The voltage is 3-5V, which is an uncontrolled voltage, that is, it enters the energy-saving state, but it should be noted that the power supply voltage cannot be lost. Otherwise, the LCD screen lifter cannot be recovered.

2, reset circuit

Its function is that the LCD screen lifter can get the power supply moment and start working. If some parts of the LCD screen lifter have not been reset, they will start to work, which will lead to the program being disordered and unable to work normally. This is the LCD screen lifter needs The reason for resetting the circuit.

3, the oscillation circuit

All the work of the LCD screen lifter is done under the action of the clock pulse, otherwise it will not work properly. The oscillating circuit is composed of an external crystal, a capacitor and an internal circuit.