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What are the uses of TV lifts?

Sep 03, 2019

The LCD TV stand is the latest LCD monitor lifter for advanced high-end multimedia conferencing systems, office systems, monitoring systems and homes. Designed according to the requirements of modern space landscaping, the product is a low-noise permanent magnet DC drive lifting system, which is light in weight, stable and reliable in performance, simple and intelligent in operation. Equipped with multi-function remote control, it can be grouped and arbitrarily combined, and the control method is diversified, and the operation is simple and convenient. A design in place, the feeling of a key to the world, let you use the peace of mind, peace of mind. TV mobile rack, can be moved at will, suitable for 32-60 TV. This product is used for advanced multimedia conference system, monitoring system, military command center, education multimedia center, advanced office system, office furniture, home living room, bedroom, etc.