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What are the precautions for TV lifter installation?

What are the precautions for TV lifter installation?

Mar 27, 2020

1. The installation must be firm, not loose, and the bottom plate must be level, and no significant tilting is allowed. When installing the power cord, a good insulation sheath is required. The cross-sectional area of the copper core wire must not be less than 1.5mm2. The ground wire cannot be the same color as the power line. Have a good ground. The ground resistance must not be greater than. During commissioning, the elevator must not be operated too frequently. The upward and downward movements must have a time interval of 3 seconds. Allow the motor to fully stop before changing direction and restart. The motor has an automatic overheating protection function. Turn off the power and refuse to run. After it automatically cools down, it can automatically eliminate the disconnected power state and resume normal work.

2. The installation environment should avoid humidity, high temperature, and can't be installed near the hot air pipe. Install in a dry environment between minus 25 degrees and 65 degrees. The relative humidity should not be greater than 95%. Corrosive gas or dust should be avoided. Do not press on other live wires during installation.

3. After turning on the power, the nuclear pressure operation button, if the upstream or downstream does not work, you can check whether the fuse is energized or blown, you can use the 1.5A fuse, if it still blows, please check for short circuit, after troubleshooting For reuse, do not replace the fuse with too much current by yourself. If the fault cannot be ruled out, contact us to return to our company for repair. Do not open or modify it without authorization, otherwise our company will not be responsible for repair.