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What are the main applications of electric actuators?

What are the main applications of electric actuators?

Feb 02, 2021

1. Power plant
(1) Thermal power industry applications
Air blower damper baffle primary air inlet damper baffle air preheating damper flue gas recirculation bypass damper baffle secondary air inlet baffle main bellows damper burner adjusting rod burner swing driver hydraulic push rod driver turbine speed control flue gas regulating valve steam regulating valve ball valve and butterfly valve control sliding gate.

(2) Valve actuator applications in other power industries.
Ball valve dust removal control water jet turbine speed control large hydraulic valve gas control valve burner ignition start steam control valve condensate recirculation, deoxygenator, boiler feed water, superheat controller, reheating constant temperature controller, and other related valve applications.

2. The process control
Used in the production process control of chemical, petrochemical, mold, food, medicine, packaging and other industries, according to the established logic instructions or computer programs for valves, tools, pipes, baffles, chutes, the platform is accurately positioned, started and stopped, opened and closed, and rotated. The temperature, pressure, flow, size, radiation, brightness, chroma, roughness, and, real-time parameters such as density adjust the system to achieve intermittent, continuous and cyclic processing control.

3. The Industrial Automation
Used in a wide range of aviation, aerospace, military, machinery, metallurgy, mining, transportation, building materials, etc., for various automation equipment and systems of motion points (moving parts) to carry out various forms of regulation and control.