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TV lifter common fault repair method

When a TV lifter has just been installed or a TV lifter that has been used for some time, when it is faulty, you need to know the fault clearly to operate it, or it will damage the TV drop. The following are common faults. Overhaul and exclusion:

If the TV lifter has nothing to do, it doesn't move at all:

1. Check if the power supply is plugged in, whether the power cable is connected properly, whether the voltage is normal, if it is not connected, then it is good; if there is no power, check whether the power supply line is normal.

2. If there is no problem with the voltage of the power supply line, you need to check the button connection, check whether the motor cable is disconnected, and then check if the fuse is blown, and the trip switch wiring of the upper terminal and the lower terminal are not dropped.

3. When the lifting frame is at the upper terminal and the upper terminal travel switch is pressed, the lifting frame cannot be lifted; when the lifting frame is at the lower terminal, the lower terminal travel switch is pressed, and the lifting frame cannot be descended, which is a normal phenomenon. Just need to manually press the pressed switch.

4. If none of the above conditions are met, the buttons on the up and down buttons cannot be operated, but there is a weak vibration sound. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the capacitor is broken or shorted, and then check if the connection has an open circuit. And shedding. When the motor heat is very serious, it is necessary to cut off the power immediately to prevent the motor from being burned out.

If the TV lifter moves up or down the lift frame, but the cabinet body emits a lot of noise:

1. Look at the drive chain for unchaining or broken chains;

2. Look at the misalignment between the aluminum guide rail and the sprocket;

3. See if the forbidden screws between the shaft and the sprocket are loose, so that the shaft cannot rotate with the sprocket, resulting in the four guides running out of sync;