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TV lift explained

TV lift explained

Mar 27, 2020


Control system value

Single control

It is equipped with 86-type control buttons, up button UP, down button DOWN, and pause button STOP.

Multiple controls

With the continuous advancement of technology, customers have put forward higher and higher requirements for various multi-functional conference rooms, academic exchange centers, training centers, multimedia classrooms, and monitoring centers. Used by high-demand customers; but with the increase in the number of devices, the single control method is incomprehensible; at the same time, it is difficult to change the control of the environment in time to achieve the desired effect. Equipped with a multi-function remote control, which can be arbitrarily grouped, and any combination of lifting, the control mode is reduced, and the operation is simple and convenient. A design in place, one key to control the feeling of the world, so you can rest assured and worry.

Centralized control

Including projector, screen lifting, audio and video equipment, signal switching, as well as interior lighting, system dimming, volume adjustment, etc. Customers want unified control. The central control system is the customer's first choice. The converters of LCD TV lifters have RS232 and RS485 interfaces to support the central control system.