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The function of the structural components of the electric actuator

Jan 18, 2019

The main components of the electric actuator mechanism are the high stability and the constant thrust that can be applied by the user. The electric actuator is mainly composed of a servo amplifier and an actuator. The amplifier receives the control signal from the controller and compares it with the feedback signal of the output displacement of the electric actuator. If there is a deviation, the difference is amplified by power, and the two-phase servo motor is driven to rotate. After the deceleration of the reducer, the output shaft changes the rotation angle.

The anti-deviation ability of the electric actuator is very good. The thrust or torque of the output is basically constant, which can overcome the imbalance force of the medium and achieve accurate control of the process parameters. Therefore, the control accuracy is better than that of the pneumatic actuator. high. If a servo amplifier is used, it is easy to achieve the exchange of positive and negative effects, and it is also easy to set the state of the off-signal valve position (hold/full-open/full-off), and when it is faulty, it must stay in place, this is Pneumatic actuators do not, pneumatic actuators must be secured by means of a combined protection system.