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The advantages and disadvantages of electric actuator comparison

Electric actuator Advantages: Easy access to energy, transmission signal speed, signal transmission distance, in order to facilitate centralized operation and control; accuracy, sensitivity is relatively high, with other electric control instrument with easy and easy operation, wiring installation is simple; use The results show that the electric actuator anti-deviation ability is very good, the output torque or thrust is basically constant, can do a good job to overcome the imbalance of media to ensure that the relevant parameters of the precise control, so the product control accuracy compared to Pneumatic actuator to be slightly higher; if equipped with a servo amplifier, can easily achieve positive and negative interaction of the exchange, can easily set the signal valve position, such as in the event of failure, must be staying in place, this ability is Pneumatic actuator products can not be achieved, because the pneumatic actuator must be equipped with a combination of protection systems to achieve the protection function.