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Senior Air Pressure Standing Lift Computer Desk

Senior Air Pressure Standing Lift Computer Desk

Jan 14, 2020

From Silicon Valley to Scandinavia, all office workers in stylishly designed offices also know that standing at work can be a great advantage. The trendiest office even has a treadmill desk to encourage employees to work while walking

This may sound like a temporary boom, but it does have a scientific basis. In fact, a long time ago, many celebrities liked standing and working, such as Churchill and Da Vinci, and writers preferred to stand and write, such as Hemingway and Dickens.

Sitting for a long time is harmful to the body. Sitting for a long time will slow down the body's sugar metabolism and reduce the level of good cholesterol. These are the risk factors that can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, some offices, workplaces, and homes have begun to use stand-up workbenches to allow people to work while standing.