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Problems that should be paid attention to during the use of electric linear actuators

Mar 25, 2019

In the process of using electric linear actuators, attention should be paid to production safety. In large-scale network systems, the division of valves is not only far and wide, but in itself, electric linear actuators have a good energy-saving effect. It has also been one of the reasons why it is very popular in the industry. It must be said that this kind of machine can have such a market, it is not without this relationship. In order to ensure the security generated in various emergencies, you need to pay attention to the following two points:
1. The valve needs to be manually closed by the operator after the power is cut off, and the force of the valve switch can be displayed in the same way, so as not to damage the accuracy of the product due to excessive force.
2. When not in use, considering the energy saving and safety issues, the total power supply can be turned off and the internal parts of the product can be checked regularly to avoid corresponding adverse consequences.
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