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Precautions for installing the LCD TV rack

May 30, 2019

LCD TV rack installation - humidity First of all, humidity, ambient humidity is very important, as household appliances, whether it is old-fashioned color TV or today's LCD TV, should not be in a humid environment for many years. Install LCD TV racks indoors, and also prevent direct sunlight from the sun.

LCD TV rack installation - signal interference LCD TV racks are hanging on the wall, but still pay attention to avoid the negative effects of strong electricity and strong electromagnetic field objects. For example, microwave ovens, induction cookers, receiver radios, etc. in the home, these appliances should be kept away from the LCD TV as much as possible, and large appliances do not want to be placed near the TV. The installation of the audio also does not want to be too close to the wall-mounted LCD TV, which will negatively affect the viewing effect.

LCD TV rack installation - location The installation position of the LCD TV rack is very important, in which people should meet the line of sight habits, so as not to cause some negative effects on the human eye. The installation height is the angle between the horizontal normal of the display and the line of sight <15 degrees. It should be appropriate for the user to lie on the stool or the sofa and look at the TV center (or slightly below). Generally, the center point of the TV is about 1.3m from the ground.

LCD TV rack installation - classification When installing the LCD TV rack, pay attention to the classification of the rack, not every LCD TV rack installation method is the same. At present, the LCD TV racks on the market are divided into fixed angle hangers and adjustable angle hangers. The fixed angle LCD TV racks cannot be angled once installed. Users should be free to choose according to their own needs before purchase; adjustable angle LCD TV racks can generally adjust the viewing angle. LCD TV Rack Mounting—Safety When installing an LCD TV rack, pay close attention to its safety factor. Hanging mounting brackets, fasteners, and metal parts that may adversely affect safety, environmental protection, etc. must be firmly welded or connected, and must be rust-proofed. Follow the order of operation on the LCD TV rack installation instructions.