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Linear drive promotes intelligent new office furniture business

Linear drive promotes intelligent new office furniture business

Oct 26, 2020

  Currently, China's epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased results. In the post-epidemic era, enterprises are faced with challenges and opportunities.

  Linear Drive is a key device to realize the motion control function of intelligent terminal products. Its principle is to convey instructions to the mechanical structure through the control system to make the circular motion of the motor, it is converted into linear motion of push rod, so as to achieve the effect of pushing, pulling and lifting heavy objects.

  Linear Drive Control System is not composed of a single motor itself, but a complete set of drive system including Design + Motor + controller + sensor, Design + software + hardware, including industrial design, machinery, electrical, materials, comprehensive integration of design, computer and other disciplines.

  Aiming at the application of linear drive in office scenarios, currently, there are relatively mature lifting tables such as single, double, triple, negotiation, desk and so on, which can comprehensively and flexibly meet different styles, functional purposes, the size of the office space. In addition, linear drive can innovate in conference tables, multimedia devices, podium and many other products.