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How to debug the electric actuator?

How to debug the electric actuator?

Nov 09, 2018

In the first step, when the power is not applied, the electric actuator is manually adjusted to the middle position, and the operation mode is changed to the local operation. After completing these two parts, we choose to electrify, and then observe whether the direction of the actuator's running direction and the direction of the valve action are the same. If it is not consistent, the door should be commutated.

Then we have to adjust the limit, adjust the valve action to the fully closed position, then hit the multimeter to the buzzer position, and then check to see if the open limit of the limit limit becomes a closed point, only becomes a closed point. It is correct. If it does not become a closed point, it must be adjusted to the limit until it is adjusted to the correct position.

After the full-off position has been debugged, we have to debug the full-open position. It is also necessary to first check whether the signal of the open limit is correct, otherwise it will adjust the limit. After both have been debugged, move the electric valve back and forth several times and see that the signal is normal.

Then we need to make debugging feedback. It is very important for the electric actuator to correct the value of the feedback current. Because it directly affects the given signal, we must ensure that the feedback current is accurate. The debugging process is to first convert the multimeter to the milliamp and string it into the feedback loop, and then adjust the actuator to the fully closed state. At this time, observe the multimeter's feedback value. If the feedback value is 4 mA, the feedback value is 4 mA. It is correct, if not, it means that there is a deviation, and it needs to be re-commissioned. It is to use the zero-potentiometer to adjust the feedback value to the correct value, and then change the actuator to the full-open mode. At this time, the feedback value is 20 mA, which is normal. If the error continues, the action of the previous step is continued. The full potentiometer adjusts the feedback value to 20 mA, so that it can be debugged back and forth several times and debugged to be qualified.

The last step is to turn the operation mode of the electric actuator into the remote operation mode. Input the signal of 4 mA to the electric actuator through the signal generator to see if the valve changes to the fully closed position, and then input 20 milligrams. The value of An, to see if it is fully open, and then give the corresponding value, check whether the feedback value is the same as the value we give, if the error is large, you need to repeat the steps, always debug to qualified until.