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How do customers choose the right electric actuator?

How do customers choose the right electric actuator?

Apr 08, 2020

Choose the appropriate electric putter need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Use the environment to see your own requirements according to the situation;

2. The thrust N is different from the thrust of the two electric putters. Decide the thrust you need and choose 1KG = 9.8N, rounded up to 10N = 1kg, often many customers will not calculate the formula to buy the wrong model;

3. The stroke mm is the linear transmission distance you need;

4. The speed mm / s is the transmission speed mm unit you need to calculate;

5. Voltage DC or AC, the general electric push rod has DC 12/24/36 / 48VDC, and AC 220V to supply power. Only after the voltage is determined can the model be selected correctly;

6. The most important thing for the installation space is to ensure your installation space. The general electric push rod is the distance from the center to the installation distance, and the spare position should be calculated.

7. The requirements of frequency of use, life, temperature and other requirements are determined by the occasion you use, the environment and the status of use.

We are processed or customized in advance according to the size parameters provided by the customer, then the time vacated in the middle is the so-called supply cycle. Therefore, when choosing an electric actuator, we must give us a replacement time limit, and communicate good delivery time, try to avoid delays in the time limit.

Because the electric push rod is used as an auxiliary device for use with other equipment, it is not possible to process or design the equipment before selecting the electric push rod. Instead, the size of the electric push rod must be designed first to the equipment to be used. , Otherwise, if the size is inconsistent, the scheme or equipment of the electric actuator will be changed. The process will be very troublesome. Even if the installation is finally completed, it will still affect the performance.