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How can electric actuators better control accuracy?

Dec 17, 2018

1. First find the vibration source, the oscillation caused by the external, should make the control valve away from the vibration source; eliminate or weaken the oscillation intensity of the vibration source; use the method of increasing the fulcrum to reduce the oscillation caused by the flow of the inner medium. Should try to reduce the resistance of the regulating valve. A bypass pipe can be added to adjust the conditions that are permitted by experience. For a quick response tanning system, a logarithmic special nature spool can be used. The butterfly valve tries to work within the range of 10~70°, avoiding the effect of the interfacial valve body.

2. The electric actuator brake does not work. The brake is used to eliminate the influence of the inertia of the rotor and the output shaft and the force of the load after the electric actuator is de-energized, so that the output shaft is properly stopped at the corresponding position. If the brake does not work, the precision of the electric actuator will be reduced. Because this should do the following.

(1) The whole braking torque according to the load volume;

(2) The clearance between the brake wheel and the brake disc should be adjusted properly;

(3) The brake shoe should have sufficient friction coefficient to prevent the oil from dripping (do not exceed the maximum position of the oil mark when filling the lubricating oil).

3. There is a backward link in the output of the electric actuator. The main backward link exists in the connection part of the output shaft of the angular stroke electric actuator and the adjustment mechanism. Because of this, all the connecting rods, the lever can not be installed with loose or gap. Try to use a dedicated coupling to replace the linkage.