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Electric actuator components

Electric actuator components

Nov 21, 2017

Electric Actuator A linear or rotary drive that takes advantage of driving energy and working under signal control. General electric actuator by the power components and location components of two major components. Power components and equipment complex mainly by the motor, reducer, torque stroke limiter, switch control box, hand wheel, mechanical limiter and position transmitter 7 parts.

Motor is divided into two types: special single-phase or three-phase exchange machine. The two motors are characterized by high starting torque, while the starting current and moment of inertia are relatively small, this feature also determines the motor has better compliance characteristics. The motor has a thermal switch inside, as long as the motor overheating abnormalities can be immediately identified, even if the circuit is disconnected.

Reducer planetary reducer with worm gear drive mechanism, this structure is excellent performance, not only allows a substantial increase in mechanical efficiency, but also has a unique mechanical self-locking.