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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between electric actuators and pneumatic actuators

Electric actuators have three main advantages over pneumatic actuators:

(1) No special air source and air purification devices are required,

(2) It can transmit signals over long distances, cable laying is much more convenient than laying of air pipes and liquid pipes, and it is convenient for line inspection.

(3) It is convenient and concise to connect with the computer, and is more suitable for adopting new electronic information technology;

The disadvantage is that it can only remain in place in the event of a power failure.

Pneumatic actuators have two main advantages over electric actuators:

(1) Pneumatic components are simple in structure, easy to manufacture, easy to standardize, serialize and generalize.

(2) Under the condition of power failure, the double action can be kept in the original position, the single action can be reset, and the control can still be realized in the case of the standby air source;

Its shortcomings mainly found that the pneumatic system has large exhaust noise during use. (Can consider adding a muffler)