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Linear actuator product range and its practicality.

Linear actuator product range and its practicality.

May 07, 2018

Modernity can be said to be a digital age. Numerous gadgets and smart devices have become an integral part of ordinary people's lives. People often forget the simpler but not less important devices used in daily practice, some of which even have machinery. Driven, the young generation can be considered an outdated technology. In any case, these devices or mechanisms do exist and occupy their place in the whirlpool of cutting-edge innovation. This article focuses on the product range and practicality of linear actuators.

A linear actuator, we mean that the device induces motion in a straight line, "movement" can have different meanings: off/on, lift, push/pull, blocking/injection, etc. According to the type of energy, actuators are divided into Types. The classification of actuators depends on the type of energy that causes the movement. At present, this mechanism can convert the power of mechanical energy, electricity, air and liquid into power, and even smart electric actuators.

An electric linear actuator is used to move the clamp mechanism to clamp and release the machined part. This function is implemented in turrets, milling machines, modular machines and automatic conveyor lines. At the same time, a series of electromechanical linear actuators are composed of various types and models, including industrial, micro-tube, miniature, high-speed, and orbital mechanism models.