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Sit to Stand Workstation for Laptops

Sit to Stand Workstation for Laptops


Product features:

1. Sit to Stand Workstation for Laptops is a vertical workstation. With the help of the gas spring mechanism, you can sit and stand without difficulty in a matter of seconds. Its height can be adjusted very well. It has an ergonomic design. A comfortable tray provides a soft and comfortable resting place for your wrist to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Sit to Stand Workstation for Laptops provides plenty of room for laptops, keyboards, mice and other office essentials.

2. Sit to Stand Workstation for Laptops is equipped with a spring arm that allows you to easily and comfortably adjust your position. This easy-to-use product allows you to instantly lift your keyboard and monitor with a single action, making your work more comfortable and relaxing. It allows you to turn your office into an ergonomic workstation. It can be easily adjusted over the entire range of motion, moving up and down the line. The keyboard is located below the height of the table to make it more ergonomic when sitting.

Product introduction:

● Ergonomically designed height adjustable stand-top tabletop.

● Four-layer design. Built-in keyboard tray and mouse pad.

●Easy to adjust from sitting position to standing without moving the display.

● Freely adjustable height allows you to sit or stand up and work.

● Huge adjustable height range (4.5-21.5 inches) ensures that the monitor is properly positioned at the line of sight to protect the spine and lumbar spine.


● Can accommodate a single display or a dual display up to 21".

● Supports displays up to 30 pounds.

● Huge height range from 4" to 21.5" with 5 positions.

● Large quality top plate (27.5" x 19.5").

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