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Desktop Sit to Stand Workstation

Desktop Sit to Stand Workstation


Product features:

1. Desktop Sit to Stand Workstation can be placed above the table top and raised up and down so you can stand and work. This desktop conversion tool can be a tool to make the workspace more active and greatly improve your productivity. It helps to offset the harmful effects of the increasingly sedentary working methods. It has an extremely stable and sturdy platform. It is designed for stability and is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle.

2. Desktop Sit to Stand Workstation has an economical design and a smaller footprint to meet your budget and space needs. It further saves space because it can move up and down directly, always within the footprint of the desktop. It is very stable throughout the entire range of motion and can be relied upon freely at work without worrying about tip or height drop. The cable clamps in the columns and beams keep the cables in order.

Product advantages:

● This Desktop Sit to Stand Workstation is fully assembled, so no installation is required.

● It is foldable for carrying because it has a compact size.

● It is equipped with an advanced gas spring lifting system for smooth height adjustment of sitting or standing position.

● It has a large adjustable height range that raises the monitor to a comfortable height to reduce neck and back pain while sitting or standing.


●Holds single monitor & 2 monitors up to 21".

●Supports up to 30lbs.

●Huge adjustable height range with 5 positions from 4" to 21.5".

●Large, premium quality top shelf (27.5"x19.5").

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